10+ Healthy Lunch Ideas for Not Sleepy When You’re Working

If you want to enhance the quality of your life, first you must start with the great food. Great food doesn’t always mean the expensive food. A great food is a food that contains complete nutrition and has a delicious flavor. And that kind of great foods can be applied in the healthy lunch ideas.

Why should lunch? When you eat at lunch, you eat to gain more energy to do any activity and to replace the energy used before the lunch. That is why a good lunch must be healthy. If you don’t eat healthy lunch, it can give bad impact to your stamina.

Confused on how a healthy lunch should be? Don’t worry. Even though you are an amateur in cooking, you can easily try these delicious healthy lunch ideas:

Tuna Sandwich

Apple & Tuna Sandwich
source: epicure.com

The easiest and simplest lunch ideas is always sandwich. All you need is just two slice of bread and in this idea, cream, mayonnaise, vegetables, spicy sauce, and also grilled tuna. The food will make you full, energized, and it wont take too much of your time making this nutritious food.

Hawaiian Tuna Salad

Hawaiian Tuna Salad
source: TheTaste.ie

Only by looking at the picture of this lunch idea, you will sense how fresh it will be. Put the raw tuna together with carrot, purple cabbage, and add the sliced onions. Pour only a little pinch of salt and pepper. It is light in taste but high in nutrition.

Creamy Salmon Spinach

Creamy Salmon Spinach

Salmon never dies. For healthy food, fewer calories but delicious taste, you must put this on the first list. The juicy texture of salmon also mixes well with the fried spinach. To enhance the savory flavor, give a spoon of cream sauce. Don’t forget to add a slice of lemonade to make the food fresher.

Chicken with Yoghurt

Chicken with Yoghurt
source: littleredhouse

It is usual to fry the chicken with butter, ketchup, or spicy sauce. But, what about chicken with yoghurt?

The sour taste of yoghurt will make the fried chicken flavor becomes more unique. It is also easy to cook. You just have to mix the yoghurt with other spices, then fry them with the chicken. Eat with fried potato or rice, that will give you much more energy.

The Zucchini Pizza

The Zucchini Pizza
source: the girl on bloor

Pizza made from the flour is too common. How about pizza from zucchini? This will reduce your calories and give you a crunchy sensation. Add the mozzarella cheese, sauce, and also the mincemeat, the taste is more unique than your regular pizza for sure.

Macaroni Avocado Cheese

avocado white cheddar sauce.
source: lifeasastrawberry.com

Do you know that the avocado contains healthy fat and other nutrition just like meat? So, if you want to add the fat source and feel so bored with the meat, you can use the avocado to replace it. Grilled the avocado and the cheese together with the macaroni, than you will get the savory and delightful lunch.

Vegan Scramble Tofu

source : whitneyyeard

Vegan foods can also be interesting if you understand the way to mix the ingredients. For example, this scramble tofu. Fry the tofu together with the vegetables and spices, serve it with the sliced avocado. This is so easy to made and so healthy. So if you don’t have too much time to prepare for your lunch, make this food in less than 15 minutes.

Zucchini Ramen

Zucchini Noodle Ramen Soup
source: foodwithfeeling.com

Zucchini is an ingredient that can adapt so well to other ingredients in every food recipe. If you still don’t believe it, you can try this zucchini ramen menu.

Mixed the zucchini with the broth, ramen, miso, and other spices, then boiled it. You can sprinkle the green onions above to make the food look more beautiful. Definitely it is one of the satisfying lunch you can try. If you like a spicy ramen, you can also add the hot chilli to the food.

Thai Chicken with Lettuce Wrap

Thai Chicken with Lettuce Wrap
source: canolaeatwell.com

Are you still in a low carb diet? You have to try this delightful menu for your lunch. The lettuce is used as the wrap and above, you can see the delicious chicken cooked with Thai ingredients and also the hoisin sauce. Not only good for the diet, the food is also good for your health.

You can also cook it quickly, and just let the lettuce raw so its crunchy texture won’t disappear. And if you decide to fry the lettuce, it can not be used as a wrap due to its mushy texture.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Hasil gambar untuk Smoked Salmon Toast
source: taste.com.au

Salmon again! It is not because we run out of the idea, but because salmon can mix so well with almost every food. Salmon is savory but the taste is not so heavy.

Moreover, it doesn’t take too much time to cook salmon and to make it become well-done. And since it is fish, you can also let it raw and not fry it. Anyway, in this smoked salmon toast idea, the smoked salmon is put above the toast and mix with creamy sauce and other sprinkles. It is so simple but so tasty.

Chicken Satay with Vegetables

Chipotle Chicken Satay with Grilled Vegetables
source: eatingwell.com

Asian people love chicken satay so much. They serve the chicken satay with various ways. One of the famous ways to serve the chicken satay is with the sliced vegetables.

You just have to slice the chicken meat, put it on the sticks alternately with the vegetables and also the onions. Dip the stick into the seasoning or pour the seasoning to the satay stick, then grilled it. It is so easy to make. Not only for lunch, usually this menu is also served on the garden party.

Healthy things are not always boring and tasteless, right? Those healthy lunch ideas are the proof of that. So, if you want to live the healthy life happily, try to cook those simple healthy lunch ideas above, and of course, don’t forget to do some exercise. For more 45 inspirations you can check on pinterest.

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