23 Vanities Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Best

Planning to remodel your bathroom but aren’t sure what to do to your space? These simple yet impactful vanities bathroom ideas will help you discover the right element to bring your bathroom to the next level.

Since it can be difficult for you to choose the right vanity for your space, here I’ve put together the top 23 vanity ideas for your bathroom.

1. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Toilet Table

source: cdn.home-designing.com

This floating wooden vanity has made a perfect complement for this modern farmhouse bathroom. It has a chrome rail mounted beneath the countertop, making it easy for you to grab your towel after washing your face.

2. Rustic Modern Vanity

source: cdn.home-designing.com

If you have an all-white bathroom design, this rustic-style vanity will boast an impressive touch in your space. With its natural wood color, it won’t be disappointing to bring a great contrast in your white bathroom scheme.

3. Lively Modern

source: cdn.home-designing.com

This modern vanity makes a perfect example for you who want to make your bathroom seem livelier than before. The potted greenery put under the floating vanity has splashed a color to the stone-clad backdrop.

4. Child-Friendly Bathroom Toilet Table

source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

If you have a kid at home, you’ll love this one of bathroom vanities ideas for sure. Instead of bringing in a bulky stepstool in your small bathroom, consider installing a DIY pullout stepstool in your vanity. It will allow your kids to easily wash their own hands.

5. Floating Vanity with Storage

source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Floating vanity has been the best friend for many small bathrooms nowadays. If floating vanity is also for you, this small, contemporary vanity can be a great example. Thanks to its floating design, your space will be easy to clean and appear larger.

6. Simple yet Mighty Vanities Bathroom Ideas

source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Adding additional storage into a small vanity can be a daunting work. But, this vanity can prove it wrong with its bottom drawer that allows you to store toiletries and hair styling. The unique vessel sink also lets you have more storage inside the vanity.

7. Toilet Table with Extra Large Mirror

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Your modern bathroom doesn’t always need to be paired with a wall-mounted vanity. This floor standing idea has lots of storage for your bathroom essentials. Then, the extra large mirror has made the vanity seems more outstanding.

8. Modern Toilet Table with Retro Charm

source: cdn.home-designing.com

If you want to infuse a retro touch into your space, this mid-century modern vanity can probably become your best choice.

9. Grey and Wood Color

source: cdn.home-designing.com

This bathroom vanity adds an interesting touch with its contrasting grey and wood color scheme. It also features a unique-shaped vessel sink that allows your vanity to have more space inside.

10. Super Elegant Vanity

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Everything in this bathroom is wall-mounted. From the bathroom vanities to the extra storage solution are mounted on the wall. On the other hand, the single bathroom vanity has an off-set basin, leaving enough space to put your soap dispensers on the countertop.

11. Uncluttered Bathroom Toilet Table

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Thanks to the integrated basin in this contemporary grey vanity, you have more chance to add more decorative pieces without appearing overworked in this bathroom.

12. Contrasting Vanities Bathroom Ideas

source: cdn.home-designing.com

If you opt for a modern décor of grey in your bathroom, try adding this kind of contrasting white vanity to add interest. You can also bring some indoor plants to splash a bit of color in your scheme.

13. Warm Bathroom with Simple Vanity

source: cdn.home-designing.com

If you want to make your bathroom feels and appear more relaxing and warm, this stone colored vanity can be the best idea. It features a letterbox shelf which is decorated with candles and a selection of tea light holders.

14. Repurposed Bathroom Table

source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

This custom-designed furniture has made a great, functional vanity in this bathroom. Paired with a vessel sink, the drawers underneath are still spacious enough to store your bathroom essentials.

15. Buffet-Turned Vanity

source: decoholic.org

This is another repurposed vanity idea that you can take into account. The homeowner has turned a vintage buffet into a functional vanity in this bathroom, providing enough space to store your toiletries and extra towels.

16. Simple Wood Double

source: decoholic.org

Your master bathroom deserves an impressive vanity that can mark a memory. This wood double vanity has double sinks and bronze faucets. Moreover, it also features a unique, hanging mirror that complements the wood vanity very well.

17. Exceptional Bathroom Vanity

source: decoholic.org

By converting a salvaged property from an old dairy barn, you can have one of the most unusual bathroom vanities ideas like this one.  It’s completed with hinged wood tops and framed mirror for a perfect vanity.

18. Magical Toilet Table Ideas

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Thanks to the light set around it, this dark wood vanity appears delightful in this bathroom. Then, the glowing decorative vases nearby the shelf have made a dramatic pairing. You shouldn’t miss the warm light that makes this room has a tropical sunset feeling.

19. Extended Bathroom Vanity

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Despite its extended countertop, this vanity only features a single basin. As a result, you have more space for a makeup area and other decorating ideas.

20. Small Bathroom Table Unit

source: cdn.home-designing.com

This small vanity unit is perfect for your kids’ bathroom. Coming without surrounding countertop, the basin is all functional with no chance for clutter to accumulate. Interestingly, there’s also less to clean!

21. Modern Toilet Table with Gold Faucet

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Many homeowners overlook the role of the faucet when accessorizing their vanity. If you want to completely transform the look of your vanity set up, try to give special consideration to your faucet.

22. Black Bathroom Vanity

source: cdn.home-designing.com

Designing with pale wood shelf under the countertop, this black vanity doesn’t look heavy in this bathroom. Along with the white vessel sink, it makes a perfect complement for this grey bathroom.

23. Traditional Double

source: decoholic.org

If you have enough space for a double vanity, this idea can be your best choice. With the natural wood color, this vanity has made a beautiful contrast in this white bathroom.  Besides, it also has enough storage space to store your towels and other bathroom essentials.

All in all, a vanity can surely complete the look of any bathroom. It offers extra counter space, storage, personality, and many more. You can find inspiration of small bathroom here:


Now, you can use one of these 23 vanities bathroom ideas to get the most of your bathroom. I hope you like the ideas and good luck!

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